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The main objective of the Knowledge Paper will be to explore the opportunities of Cold Storage development in India’s North Eastern Region. The paper will also focus on the challenges faced by the cold chain sector in this region with a roadmap for improvements. The paper will do a cost and benefit analysis of India’s cold chain management. India is a fast growing economy with a large agricultural base. But lack of transport infrastructure, cold chain facilities and non-application of supply chain management principles is making the agri-business in general and the food processing sector in particular inefficient.

Recognizing this, the Government of India has initiated several steps including creation of a separate ministry for food processing industries, opening up the agriculture sector for foreign direct investment through the agri export zones and special economic zones, and in several other ways. However, lots need to be done in order develop the Cold Chain sector in the NE region. The challenge is not really about agriculture and food production but getting the food to the people. The biggest contributors to waste of perishable products in NE are the lack of refrigerated transport and adequate high quality cold storage facilities for both food manufacturers and food sellers (retailers). What NE lacks, and needs, is a well-developed, world-class cold chain infrastructure. The most susceptible food category to a lack of cold storage is fruits and vegetables where annual wastage is estimated to be 18% of the total production. Controlling the levels of waste is beyond the capability of individual farmers or consumers. The problem is wider and involves market schemes, availability of power supply, quality of roads and focused government intervention as well as a need for a more pronounced investment in the sector. The paper will deal with the bottlenecks and try to find out practical solutions to each of the above-mentioned concerns.

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Chief Guest for NCCS 2015
Hon’ble Minister
Smt. Harsimrat Kaur Badal,
Minister for Food
Processing Industries,
Government of India
Indian Chamber of Commerce, New Delhi
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